Sunday, January 5, 2014

Just a bit more about me....

Hello, my name is Louisa, I live in San Diego, California.  Family is most important to me, I love being a wife, mother and grandmother to Ethan, Elias and Penny.  I take care of them full time while my two grown children work.  I consider myself lucky being able to influence my grandchildren's lives and I thank both my children and daughter in law for allowing me the privilege to do so.

Once upon a time, several years back I was a fully engrossed in my career as a Regional/District Manager, for a Fortune 500 company.  Although I loved my work, I felt my life was spinning out of control.....I was existing rather than living.  One day after a long week of travel I was finally home, as I came up the stairs of our home I heard my family talking and laughing, discussing their week. I felt disconnected, I had become an outsider. That was the turning point of my life, I realized that I needed to make changes. 

The first thing I did was ask myself, how could I allowed myself to get to this point and the answer was clear to me.  I got lost! In my quest to find perfection, the perfect job, car, house, clothes.....I had become the person I had always said I wouldn't become.  

A journey began that day, I spoke to my husband and shared how I felt.  I was lucky enough that I was able to leave my job and began my journey of self-discovery.  In my quest for change I began reconnecting with the things that made me happy in the of them was sewing.

I have to admit, at first I was so rusty I wasn't sure if I could remember how to read a pattern much less install a zipper in a garment and don't even ask me about the first time I had to line a bodice.  I think I took it apart 4 different times but alas I conquered it.  As I struggle to find time to sew while taking care of 3 children I have found peace in my sewing machine.  It has healed a part of me that needed to heal and now I hope that this blog will help me fulfill another need.... creativity and companionship.  Yes my dear friends, I hope you take the next journey with me and see where it takes me.